Brookhaven Kids

Our elementary ministry welcomes all children in Kinder through 6th grade. Our desire is to walk alongside parents to help children have a growing love relationship with Jesus Christ, and to help them passionately pursue the purpose they were created and gifted, by God, to have. In secure large and small group settings, children will talk about God, pray, memorize verses, learn about scripture, and build lasting relationships with peers and leaders.

Sunday mornings we have a one hour repeatable program that is at 10:00, and 11:30. We encourage this because that allows children to go to service with their parents, as parents are the spiritual leaders in their child’s life. We partner with parents by providing an activity sheet and crayons for kids as they watch and learn how to worship in service from their parents.


All grades use the gospel Project Curriculum from Lifeway for both Large and Small groups. This curriculum allows children to be able to learn the foundation of the bible by going through the whole bible three times before they go to youth. We are teaching the Bible to help children learn doctrine, memorize scripture, and deepen their love for God. The curriculum provides parent resources that follow along with what they are learning each week so families can bring biblical discussions about God to the dining table at home all week and reinforce what was learned in Brookhaven Kids. Parents can also sign up for a weekly e-mail that provides parenting tips and ideas for helping your child grow in Christ.

Please contact Abby Burke at if you would like any further information about Brookhaven Kids.